UAB accounting

UAB accounting

The private limited liability company (UAB) remains the most popular choice for setting up a new business in Lithuania. But every company is different. The number of employees, type of activity, objectives, etc. vary. This is why the accounting of a UAB still requires special care and professionalism.

49,00  without VAT

  • The accounting deadline for a UAB depends on the number of employees and their postings.
Į kainą įskaičiuota
Included in the price
  • Monthly part of the annual accounts;
  • Monthly part of the annual declarations;
  • Monthly part of the Annual Statistical Report;
  • Preparing and submitting a Class A income tax return to the STI;
  • Calculation of wages.
Klientų aptarnavimas
Customer service
  • Reply within 1 working day;
  • Remote consultation;
  • Thorough and timely bookkeeping.

Accounting of UAB

Like any company, a private limited liability company’s accounts are regulated by law. These laws are constantly changing. It is therefore very important to keep abreast of developments and apply them to your company’s accounting as soon as possible. Choosing the right accountant is essential to keep the UAB’s accounting records in order.

  • The My Tax team has been providing professional bookkeeping services for UABs for many years.
  • All team members are qualified, highly educated, and have signed confidentiality agreements. So, your company’s accounts are in safe hands.

Online UAB accounting

All UAB accounting services provided by My Tax are also provided remotely. This enables companies operating throughout Lithuania to receive high-quality services. To make your company’s bookkeeping as hassle-free as possible, you’ll also benefit from these services of our company:

  • We respond to all customer enquiries on the same working day.
  • Access to accounting software. Access it to quickly and easily file all your company documents. All other work will be handled by My Tax’s accounting professionals.
  • Professional bookkeeping from simple transactions to complex tasks. All issues are dealt with carefully, with the help of lawyers and other professionals if necessary.

Cost of UAB accounting

Accounting for a UAB costs from €49 (excluding VAT) per month. This is a preliminary, minimum value of the service when the company is not operating in practice.

The price depends on the number of employees and their postings:

  • It costs €21 to account for one employee’s monthly salary;
  • Accounting for one business trip — €7.

So, if you run a medium-sized company, a full set of bookkeeping services from the My Tax team will cost from €100 per month. Get in touch today and get the best deal!

During the course of the business, the customer will provide additional documents/data on transactions during the month (invoices issued/received, bank transactions, cash receipts/expense warrants, number of employees, etc.), which will result in additional lines in the monthly invoice for the additional services rendered.

UAB accounting
UAB accounting

49,00  without VAT

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19,00  without VAT
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