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Open company in Lithuania

Setting up a company in Lithuania quickly and easily — save your precious time! A company can be set up in 3–5 working days, both electronically and physically. If you have your own business idea and want to start a business, but you don’t know what are the incorporation documents, the stages, or the authorised capital — we will advise you on all the issues related to the establishment of a company as well as the successful completion of the company formation procedure.

Establishment of UAB

  • 3–5 working days;
  • The price includes (taxes, authorised capital, registration address);
  • Price per founder
165,00  without VAT

Establishment of MB

  • 3–5 working days;
  • The price includes (taxes, registration address);
  • Electronic establishment
140,00  without VAT

Setting up a company in Lithuania is quick and easy

Starting your own business is a new stage in your life. Setting up a company is not easy, it requires a lot of resources, and not only financial ones. It also takes time and knowledge. We are here to make starting a new business as easy as possible for you and save you valuable time. Depending on the type of company you choose, all documents are processed within 3-7 working days. In other words, if the incorporation of the company is started today, you will be able to call yourself the manager of your new company as early as next week.

Setting up a company in Lithuania involves several stages. To make everything run smoothly, our team is ready to help you realize your business ideas. So if you have already set the goals of your activity, come up with a name and decided what legal form you want to establish a company, we will help you take the next steps. Company registration and processing of other documents is our work, which we perform quickly and professionally.

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