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What do you pay for

Do you need an advice on when to register as VAT payer? Are you interested in which goods have “frozen” your money? Would you like to know what the real cost price of the service is? Are you wondering if a juicer might be included into company expenses? Are you suspicious that employees have found a way how to “add bonuses to their salaries”? Or perhaps you need an analysis on which clients are causing losses? Please, feel confident asking questions and we will explain in “non- accounting” language!

  • We calculate employee salaries, vacation pay, severance pay, maternity leave, business trips, daily allowances, etc. We fill in time sheets, administrate new hires, prepare documentation (for employees, banks, state institutions).
  • We calculate and declare VAT, income, profit, advance payment, road, pollution tax and other taxes to appropriate institutions.
  • We communicate with tax inspector and provide answers to queries.
  • We prepare balance sheet and profit and loss statement.
  • We deal with fixed asset accounting, depreciation, write offs and other.
  • We provide data to Statistics Department.
  • We provide debt analysis.
  • We provide accounting for fuel and cars.
  • We enter your bills, receipts, orders; advance payments, banks statements to accounting software.
  • We prepare “Accounting Policy” (The specific standards set by a company  governing how financial statements are prepared, and how financial transactions  and other accounting events are handled and recorded. This is an obligatory document according to Republic of Lithuania accounting law).  The price is 299 €.